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Insurance industry solutions

Customer Relationship Management

Specialized solution for insurance agencies and brokerages
Includes integrated financial accounting software, insurance automation, customer relationship management

The insurance industry is one of the industries in which companies have special relationships with their customers. As the variety of insurance services expands and becomes more complex, customers seek to upgrade and personalize the insurance services they receive. Recognizing the growing needs of customers and managing the growing interactions between insurance organizations and their customers has doubled the need to use CRM systems effectively in these organizations.

Financial accounting:

-This system includes financial accounting and is designed for financial management of insurance agencies or brokerages.
-Accounts at four levels: group of accounts, total accounts, subsidiary accounts and detailed accounts
-Individuals and companies, employees and personnel
-Banks, Branches of each bank, accounts of each branch and checks of each account
– subsidiary accounts and use of floating detailed accounts
-Standard and duplicate descriptions in accounting documents

Accounting operations:

-Issuing the opening document and its temporary registration
-registering checks to be paid and received in the first period
– issuing accounting documents and automatic registration of document numbers at the user’s choice
– issuing documents by quickly searching accounts and using standard descriptions
– Temporary registration of documents automatically
– the Ability to register a temporary document before the document is aligned

Accounting reports:

Powerful Accounts Review Tool – General and subsidiary Accounts – Detailed Accounts Turnover – Checking Checks, Cash and Bank Operations – Trial Balance Sheets – Group Balance Sheets And all the tools needed for a professional accountant

Insurance automation

Designed to record the daily operations of an insurance brokerage or insurance agency.

Basic definitions include the following:

  • Definition of types of insurance
  • Field of insurance
  • Insurance company
  • Insurer unit
  • Insurer

Definition of types of insurance:

In this section, a brokerage or agency can register the types of insurance policies issued. During registration, the financial information of the insurance policy will also be recorded.

Definition of insurance breeds:

Each type of insurance can include several insurance breeds, in this section, the types of insurance disciplines can be registered:

Such as: third party insurance, body insurance and….

Definition of insurance company:

insurance agents who work with several insurance companies can define the types of companies.

Definition of Insurer Unit:

Each insurance company can have several units issuing insurance, brokers who work with different units of an insurance company can define the units.

Insurer definition:

Insurers are divided into real insurers and legal insurers. Each insurer receives a subscription code in the system and in issuing all insurances, it is enough to select only the insurer. Insurer details are fully recorded. The insurer’s mobile phone is used in the customer relationship system.

Marketer definition:

The marketers of a brokerage or an agency are defined in this section. For each marketer, a detailed account is automatically created in the accounting system that will be used in accounting operations. A code is created for each marketer in the system that can be used to register insurance.

Definition of country divisions:

In some cases, the scope of a brokerage activity or agency is not limited to one city. The divisions of the country for the province and the city can be defined in this section, and it can be used when defining porters, insurers, and so on.

Definition of commission:

Depending on the insurance company, the type and field of insurance and the effective date, from one amount to the amount, the percentage of commission received can be recorded and calculated. Percentage of additions and deductions of any type and field of insurance can also be recorded and calculated. Each insurance will be used in the calculation of the received commission and will be recorded in the accounting documents.

Definition of marketer percentage:

Depending on the marketer, the insurance company and the type of insurance field, from one amount to the amount, the percentage of the marketer can be defined and can be used in calculating the marketers’ fees.

Registration of insurance policies:

This form can be used to register all defined insurances. First, by specifying the insurer, the insurer’s details are displayed. By selecting the type and field of insurance, the insurer unit and the insurance company and recording the start and end date and time of the insurance policy and its marketer, as well as the insurance amount, VAT, duties, surcharges and deductions, the insurance can be registered. Scanning the original insurance policy and viewing the history of the insurer are some of the features of this form. How to settle the insurer’s account can also be specified.

Subscribe Registration:

By selecting the insurer and the previous insurance number, the supplement to the insurance policy can be registered. The type of add-on (incremental / decremental) is also selectable.

Registration of insurance installments :

By selecting the insurance policy number and displaying its details by the system, the user can register the installments for the insurance policy. Annual increase coefficient, mandatory tax deduction, installment interval, number of installments, amount of installments, date of first installment maturity are some of the features of this form.

Insurance Fees:

In this window, the accounting unit can calculate the commission received by selecting the insurance policies, and by registering the commission, calculate and record the commission of the selected insurance policies; At the same time, the accounting document is registered automatically. Search by insurer, insurance number, insurance field, start and end date of insurance policies, insurance can be selected and their wages can be calculated. The fee is calculated based on the percentage of fees introduced in the basic settings of the fee definition menu.

Scan documents

From this section, an electronic copy can be kept for all documents whose originals are not kept with the brokerage company or agency and the insurance is delivered.

Incoming and outgoing letters

It can be used to record and maintain electronic copies of incoming and outgoing letters