Spare parts store solutions


Financial accounting

This system includes financial accounting and is designed for the financial management of the parts store.

Can be defined:

– Accounts in four levels: group of accounts, total accounts, subsidiary accounts and detailed accounts
– individuals and companies, employees and personnel
– banks, branches of each bank, accounts of each branch and Checks of each account
– Detailed accounts and use of floating detailed accounts
– Standard and duplicate descriptions in accounting documents of accounting

Accounting operation

– Possibility of issuing opening document and its temporary registration
– Possibility of registering checks payable and received in the first period
– Possibility of issuing accounting documents and Automatic registration of document numbers at the user’s choice
– Possibility of issuing documents by quickly searching accounts and using standard descriptions
– Temporary registration of documents automatically
– Possibility of registering a temporary document before document alignment
– Document operations including: confirmation of documents, deletion, correction, printing and automatic numbering of documents
– Possibility of registering receipt and payment in cash and receipt and payment of checks and issuance of automatic accounting documents
– Check operations: Includes cash receipt, deposit to account, ‌ return of check, return to account, spending of check,
– Summary of documents for registration in legal offices
– Fund operations: including invoice settlement, فت receipt of accounts, receipt of check, deposit with POS bank
– End of year operations and issuance of automatic opening and closing documents

Accounting reports:
Powerful accounts review tool – General ledgers & subsidiary – گردش حساب تفضیلی – Report of checks and operations of the fund and bank – Trial balances – Group balance sheets, general and specific and detailed – Document search – List of debtors and Creditors – Reports of income and expenses

Daily operations
– Buy, sell, return from purchase, return from sale of spare parts and pre-invoices
– Ability to use the barcode reader especially in authorized ISACO stores and the ability to identify ISACO parts
– Ability to define multiple warehouses
– Ability to define multiple sales prices based on price Company
– The possibility of determining the sale price based on the purchase price during the registration of the purchase invoice
– The possibility of determining the settlement period for sales invoices
– The possibility of displaying profit and loss in each spare part
in this part of the automatic accounting documentation system play a very important role; For example, by issuing a sales invoice, the customer’s debt accounting document records the spare parts sales account, the VAT value of the parts, the cost price of the parts sold, and the customer’s credit account upon payment.

Daily Operation reports
Reports – Invoice Review Report – Statistical Invoice Report – Commodity Statistics Report – Settlement Deadline Report – Commodity Profit Report

Warehousing and accounting Warehouse
inventory of parts of the store and its accounting, plays a major role.
Warehouse accounting and inventory in Rials according to standard accounting methods such as Fifo, Lifo and the average of the special features of this software.
– Definition of technical parts
– Definition of different warehouses
– Definition of types of vehicles
– parts price list
– Initial inventory
– Automatic end-of-year operations
– Possibility to define the order point of parts
– Determine the point of purchase of parts
– Daily price reports
– Daily sales report

System management
– Ability to define system users
– Ability to define user groups
– Automatic registration of all user operations
– Update price list, inventory list, list of accounts using the file