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Network descriptio


Due to the increasingly spread information, network services have become one of the main needs and an impartible element in achieving the goals of organizations, for this purpose, Dolphin Company, relying on its knowledge, experience and equipment in this field declare its preparation for Providing services and consulting in this field, and due to the special importance of maintaining the network in a normal state and protect the information of an organization,Dolphin Company declares its support in a best way.
One of the activities of Dolphin Company is network setup and service implementation, which according to the precious customers’ desire and needs provide the most and the best facilities with the least cost and time.

– Network cabling
– Install wired socket connections
– Cap the network socket connections
– Install the patch panel
– Rack installation
– Configure and program all types of switches and routers under the Cisco network
– Install Windows Server 2008r2 or 2012 and Windows 7 or xp
– Install the drives of a system completely
– Install special software according to the customer request
– Install and connect a piece of hardware on the system
-install Domain Controler + DNS,DHCP
– Settings of each workstation to integration into the network
– Installation of Internet sharing and Firewall
– Install virus finder server with network management
– Installation of windows server update services
– Installation of FTP service
– Installation of IIS service
– Installation of VPN service
– Installation of RAS service
– Backup service installation
– File Server installation
– Special group policy settings



Training and support services

Support services include training, installation and setup of software on the client system.
This training is done in person at Dolphin Company or by phone and Internet through the telecommunication software Team Viewer, AnyDesk, in which all the details of the system, including how to start and how to enter information and system operation Will be explained.
Also, the program help file with full description along with the photo is provided to the customer as a PDF file.

The program will be installed on the client system through the above software, which stores information on the main system as a server using the Sql Server program (the possibility of installing a database on all versions) and according to the contract concluded with the company through the network platform provided on the customers’ system Users can be installed on an unlimited number.

Program support includes answering customer questions and fixing possible bugs and errors in the program, designing customer custom invoices, following up on new requests submitted to the programming unit, updating the program based on new updates.
Also, certain information is entered by the Excel file into a part of the program or changes a series of information registered through the relevant database for the reasons that have occurred, or output or transfer of some information is done by this section.


Short description
1.7/ million toman
  • Services 1
  • Services 2
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Short description
2.3/ million toman
  • Services1
  • services 2
  • services 3
  • Services 4
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Short description
3.5/ million toman
  • services 1
  • services 2
  • services 3
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4.1/ million toman
  • Services 1
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  • Services 3
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  • موارد خدمات 5
  • موارد خدمات 6
  • موارد خدمات 7
  • موارد خدمات 8
  • موارد خدمات 9
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