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digital marketing services

Digital Marketing Services

Today, the market is divided into two aspects, traditional and modern. All these stories started from a simple site, and today you hardly know any business that only has face-to-face services. So it’s time for a change. But to change the activity process of your own business, it is better to act smarter so that you can have the best performance in addition to controlling costs. This work does not depend on anything else except your effort and follow-up, and of course, accurate and complete planning on all aspects. Not ready for a change yet?


What is our duty in this direction?

Step by step, we will take your traditional business into a modern business step by step.


Analyze your business

The first step in digital marketing is to analyze your business. One of the essential factors in the failure of a project is the lack of sufficient knowledge of the collection itself and its existing space. Before starting, we need to know ourselves to make the best decisions.

Competitor analysis

As seen from the title, analysis of competitors is one of the most basic principles of the strategy. You should be able to choose the right path and surpass them by considering your competitors and knowing them. By analyzing and examining your competitors, you will find their strengths and weaknesses and plan your activities to be better than them in this space.

Campaign design

Designing a reasonable and timely advertising campaign is one of the most critical stages of a team’s advertising department. At Delfin, we are trying to develop a perfect plan with the most optimal possible mode of activity in the field of digital and advertising by applying for all the analyzes and reviews.

Landing page design

To get the most efficiency from advertising, it is better to use the landing page to run your advertising campaign. Using the tools and information received from the analysis of our business and your competitors, we will provide you with relevant landing pages for your ads on the Google platform.


Google Ads

Today, if advertising is mentioned anywhere, it is unlikely that anyone will not say Google and its advertising management service, Google Ads. Using Google Ads, you can find yourself on the first pages of Google search and thus attract more people and eventually buyers to you and your collection. Combining proper SEO with effective advertising in Google service can make you unreachable.



We will be on the path to success with increasing efforts.

With digital tools in hand, Dolphin’s digital marketing team believes that all small and large traditional businesses should also use the potential of the digital world in line with the development of their collection and is trying to make this happen.


Some of the tools used in this way:

  • Web design
  • Google Ads
  • SEO Marketing
  • e-mail marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager


Some of the portfolios:


Carmax Project


The Carmax team is one of the car tracking service providers in Iran. We are proud to be with this team in creating and implementing appropriate landing pages and analyzing and reviewing our and competitors’ statistics.

Whiteboard Application


Whiteboard is a specialized English language teaching application based on complete text and video content that works based on the Subscription model. Optimizing campaigns based on user feedback, using Google Analytics and Tag Manager tools, and providing incoming customer reports have been part of our collaboration with this dynamic team.



“Gap Film” is the most up-to-date and agile VOD service in Iran that provides the best analysis and review of movies and series; some of the services offered to them include things such as designing and implementing dedicated landing pages, designing advertising campaigns, optimizing them and analyzing data using It is from Google Analytics.


Sequoia Co.

Sequoia Company is a trading company that sells raw materials for wood industries, including MDF, parquet, and PVC coatings. We are delighted to have been with them in designing the website and landing page and implementing various campaigns.

In general, some of the collaborations carried out in the field of digital marketing include the following:

  • Designing specialized landing pages for special occasions
  • Using SMS marketing and email marketing tools
  • Design and implementation of digital marketing campaigns, google ad words
  • Optimizing campaigns based on user feedback
  • Using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tools and providing incoming customer reports


If you have any questions, contact our team.