custom software production


To facilitate your business affairs, it is essential to have dedicated software that fits your business needs and mechanism. By using custom software, you can easily have what you need in the form of various software.
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Custom software; It is a kind of software that is designed for a specific user or organization and because it is made for a specific user, its specifications and features are in accordance with the user’s needs. The type of activities and administrative, service, production and financial processes vary from B2B, and each company will have specific software needs depending on how it operates.

Dolphin System Technologies Company, a manufacturer of custom software, welcomes your orders by using experienced programming staff. The goal of Dolphin System Technologists is to design and implement powerful software with a simple user interface and a fully functional and beautiful environment (User Friendly) to meet customer needs, to produce software with the most complete features as well as simple user interface, and finally to produce comprehensive and complete software. To fully meet customer needs. Our experts will be with you from the first stage, which includes identifying customer needs and gathering information, to the final stage, which is the implementation of custom software.


At this stage, the team of Dolphin analysts, after studying the documents, needs assessment and interviews with relevant experts, using standard modeling languages such as BPMN2.0, CMMN and DMN, as well as DROG & DROP capability to design dynamic and complex forms in the form builder. Initial modeling of a process or improvement of previously produced processes.

شناخت و تحلیل نیازها


Initially modeled processes are implemented by the team of programmers on the platform of rapid development of TRAD software with the least needs to code in the shortest possible time. This technology reduces the time and cost of producing a solution by up to 70%. Finally, the dolphin system technologists install the software produced on the customer’s servers after performing the final tests.

تولید نرم افزار


A set of activities in the field of training, support, installation and deployment of TRAD infrastructure will eventually lead to the transfer of knowledge to the buyer company. After acquiring knowledge, companies can produce an infinite number of custom solutions for themselves if they obtain an unlimited version of the Dolphin Software Rapid Development Infrastructure license.

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  •  Design and implementation of software according to customer needs to improve the business.
  • Overtake other competitors due to reduced time costs and human mistakes.
  • Not giving up some needs due to lack of software features.
  • More control over the work process despite the various reports.
  • Ability to exploit new ideas
  • Implement custom software using the most advanced programming methods

Advantages of the company’s custom software:

  •  Full compliance with customer orders and what a customer need
  •  Ability to make a network on the application and connect via the Internet
  •  Free software support
  •  Ability to change and add new features
  •  Free consultation during the presentation of the plan
  •  Proper security and usage of hardware locks
  • Under network support with high security and speed
  • Free support for the first year
  • Installation on customers’ systems
  • Complete custom software training in person and virtually

Admin panel

  • Introduce the user by creating limited access levels to the required number.
  • Settings (insert the logo of the company on the printed documents, automatic archiving by the software, etc.)
  • Specify the operations performed by a user
  • Operational management such as saving, editing or deleting by users