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Automotive industry solutions

Includes integrated software:

Financial accounting, acceptance and daily operations of the agency, warehouse, management reports

Financial accounting:

This system includes financial accounting and is designed for the financial management of the agency with powerful tools, despite its ease of use, provides all the necessary facilities for the usage of professional accountants. It should be noted that about 95% of the documents of an agency are related to invoices, which its documents are automatically registered in the system, the accountant has enough time to manage and control the documents.

Basic accounting information:

  • Ability to define accounts in four levels: group of accounts, total accounts, specific accounts and detailed accounts
  • Ability to define employees and personnel
  • Ability to define contractors and determine the percentage of the contract separately by warranty and guarantee
  • Ability to define banks, branches of each bank, accounts of each branch and checks of each account
  • Ability to define detailed accounts
  • Ability to define standards and duplicate descriptions in accounting documents

Accounting operations

  • Ability of issuing an opening document and its temporary registration
  • Ability of registering checks payable and received in the first period
  • Ability of issuing accounting documents and automatic registration of document numbers at the user’s choice
  • Ability to issue documents by quickly searching accounts and using standard descriptions
  • Temporary registration of documents automatically
  • Ability to register a temporary document before the document is aligned
  • Document operations include: document verification, deletion, modification, printing and automatic document numbering
  • Ability of registering receipt and payment in cash, receipt and payment of checks and issuance of automatic accounting documents
  • Checks operations: including cash receipt, deposit to the account, ‌ return of the check, return to the account, spending the check,
  • Summary of documents for registration in legal offices
  • Fund operations: including invoice settlement, receipt of accounts, receipt of checks, deposit by POS banking machine
  • End-of-year operations and issuance of automatic opening and closing documents

Accounting reports:

  • Powerful accounts review tool
  • General and specific books
  • Detailed account turnover
  • Report of checks and operations of the fund and bank
  • Trial balance sheets
  • Group balance sheets
  • general and specific and detailed
  • Document search

Warehouse reports :

  • * Spare Parts Cardex
  • * Parts index report
  • * Rial inventory report of warehouses
  • * Inventory report of a number of warehouses
  • * Report the purchase price of parts
  • * List of goods orders
  • * Goods shopping list
  • * Special tool delivery report
  • * List of goods
  • * Store sales report
  • * Daily sales report of spare parts


Daily agency operations

In this system, the operations of registration of warranty, gold card, purchase and sales of spare parts, car sales commission, transfer of spare parts, separation of spare parts, confirmation of invoices, invoices, related contract functions Repairs, sales and trade can be done and controlled.

  • Daily operation reports
  • Account Transfer Report
  • Invoice reporting
  • Car Sales Commission Report
  • Contractor performance report
  • Invoice Review Report

Basic information:

  • Definition of types of vehicles, definition of types of services, definition of types of services
  • Definition of repair fees and prices based on the type of vehicles
  • Registration of warranty, gold card
  • Buy, sell, return from purchase and return from sale of spare parts
  • Inventory transfer between technical numbers
  • Separation of one technical number into several technical numbers
  • Car registration and sale
  • Registration of car sales commission

They play a very important role in this part of the automated accounting system. For example, by issuing a warranty invoice, in addition to updating the inventory, in the accounting document, warranty debt, spare parts sales account, VAT on parts and wages, cost of parts sold, contractors’ credit account based on their contract percentage, is registered.

Warehouse and warehouse accounting:

A very important part of car dealerships, is their warehouse. In this software, while having special capabilities that are required by all users of the warehouse, especially accounting, management and control reports have also been added. Inventory accounting and having Rial inventory according to standard accounting methods such as Lifo and average and Fifo is some of the unique features of this software. 

Warehouse operations:

  • Definition of spare parts with barcode
  • Registration of delivered parts to the acceptance card
  • Registration of free sale of spare parts
  • Record the initial inventory of the warehouse
  • Delivery of special tools
  • Pre-invoice spare parts
  • Record the depreciation of special tools
  • Determining the order point, minimum and maximum inventory of spare parts
  • Ability to control inventory on a moment-by-moment basis

Management reports :

  • Statistical report Performance Statistical reports Report of acceptance factors

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) :

Maintaining continuous communication with customers and gaining their satisfaction is an important factor in the prosperity of the business. The use of new technologies such as Email and SMS, in addition to increasing the speed of communication with the customer, will reduce costs. Customer relationship management software with special capabilities has been designed for the automotive industry and has been able to satisfy its users in a short time.

  • Registration of cars delivered to customers
  • Car acceptance
  • Customer grouping
  • Customer Surveys
  • Send SMS (SMS)

Basic information:

  • Definition of types of cars
  • Customer group definition
  • Definition of causes Refer
  • Definition of submitted texts
  • Define customers and assign a subscription code
  • Definition of customer vehicles

Unique features of this solution include the following:

  • Possibility to use barcode scanner to identify spare parts
  • Calculation of VAT
  • Separation of agency revenues
  • Statistical and graphical management reports
  • Send all reports to Excel…
  • And other special facilities
  • Issuance of automatic accounting documents
  • Advanced financial accounting   
  • Car acceptance
  • Warranty invoices, gold card
  • Stock inventory update
  • Calculate the cost price of technical parts
  • Calculation of contractors’ credit in terms of contract percentage
  • Registration of delivered parts to the acceptance card
  • Invoice approval registration
  • Registration of car sales commission


Special Reports:

Vehicle repair history with chassis number, acceptance cards, contractors’ performance statistics, Rials inventory based on Lifo, average and Fifo methods, general statistics of dealership performance in graphs, Warehouse reports, invoices, Invoice review, form Contractors’ accounts, special accounting reports and many other special reports.

Contact the company’s sales department for information on prices and payment terms.
The software will have six months of free support and warranty service from the date of installation.

Support will be via the Internet.
During the support period, new versions of the software will be provided free of charge.